Couples Counseling

Here is the truth as I have witnessed for 20 years: Your partner/spouse is not going to change. You need to change and accept who they are.  Counseling is not about me telling your   spouse or partner to stop doing whatever irritates you.  It is about you listening with respect and not judging.  It is about accepting that you cannot control the other person or their choices or behaviors.  You are responsible for your choices and behavior. They are responsible for their choices.  When you learn to listen. they will listen.  If you want more respect you must respect them more. If you want to be heard, you must listen to them more. If you want them to change, they you must change. If you want to get back to each other and are willing to work very hard, then call me. If you want to continue to play “the blame game” that doesn’t work. I have been counseling couples since 1994.   I help couples get back to each other.  I help couples dissolve traumas that create tension, anger, hurt, sadness and frustration.  I also teach communication skills involving listening with respect and validating each other.  Everyone needs to be heard. You don’t have to agree with each other but you do need to be able to listen without judgement.  

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