Tele Counseling Using Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

I use to meet with you through your computer. It is secure and HIPAA compliant.

I am ready to help you whether it is an individual meeting or you wish to bring others into a counseling session or consultation.    Technology allows us to meet from the comfort of your home or office.  We must meet in my brick and mortal office first for the evaluation of your problem. Then we can meet via tele counseling as long as you are in Pennsylvania. This is especially helpful for students when they go on to college.

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield supports tele counseling. If you have mental health benefits under Highmark, tele counseling is covered. You are responsible for your copayment or deductible just as for a regular office session.

Video Consulting

First, a consultation is NOT therapy. I strongly recommend that you are in therapy while consulting with me. A consultation is not covered by insurance.

My consultation fee  is $250.00. I am happy to answer any question(s) you have regarding your situation. Even one question is a consultation.  Please purchase a consultation here.  After purchasing please contact me at 724-413-0964


 If we determine that further consultations would be helpful a $1000.00 retainer is necessary and must be prepaid. This retainer is good and must be used by December 31. The retainer is good for 4 (1) hour meetings or 8 (1/2) hour meetings. It is non refundable and non transferable.

If a need for multiple consultations arise I will send you my consultation agreement to sign and return. I will then contact you to schedule our meetings and provide you with an invoice which must be pre paid before we meet.

If you or your son or daughter have depression or bi polar disorder tele consulting is NOT appropriate. We need to meet in person.