See what others have experienced. In this short video, you will hear from actual patients and their success stories.

Children with OCD

“My son suffers from PANDAS.  For anyone dealing with this condition, it is very frustrating and confusing to figure out where to turn for help. After nearly 10 months of appointments with various medical doctors, psychiatrists, and counselors, we found Joan.  Joan has been such a beacon of light for us.  For the first time in a long time I had hope.  She was genuinely concerned for my son’s well being, and she worked diligently to try various treatment options that would keep him off medication.  She has been very generous with her time, and I truly felt like I could call her any time if I needed her.  My son’s condition has improved under her care, and I am so thankful for all she has done.”


“Dear Joan, You have been such a blessing in my life. I am so grateful for all your help and getting me out of the hole I was in. Thank you does not seem to be enough for all that you have done for me but from the bottom of my heart, “THANK YOU!!!”


“A good friend of mine recommended that I see Joan Kaylor for various phobias that were holding me back in life. I am the first to admit being quite skeptical since I have had these phobias since childhood and am now in my early 50’s. I had also been to other counselors and have also tried hypnotherapy to no avail. To my surprise, in just a few sessions I was free! To easily and  calmly ride in an elevator (claustrophobia) was nothing short of  miraculous for me since I have always avoided them at all costs!  Plane rides do not hold any anxiety for me any longer either! I have  found myself to be less anxious and much calmer in general which is  very empowering. I was overwhelmed by Joan’s kindness and her capacity for caring. She went over and above with her time and expertise and was genuinely excited and proud of my successes. My family and I will always be grateful. ”                    – Anonymous

Hair Pulling

“I recommend Joan Kaylor highly for the treatment of trich.  After several years of different therapists, I finally found someone that could really help me. Through her methods, I have been able to take control and now, for the first time in four years, I have a full head of hair and am very happy! Even though I still get the urge to pull my hair occasionalI am able to control the urge. I would like to thank Joan for giving me my life back.” Anonymous

Emotional Healing

“Hi Joan, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for all of your help with my daughter. Last week was the one year anniversary of _______’s passing and my daughter while sad, was okay with the anniversary. She even said, “I think Dr. Kaylor fixed me too well…..I don’t even feel like I want to cry”. I told her that’s exactly where she should be! Thanks again, you really made a difference for my daughter.           – Mother”


“Thanks to Joan Kaylor, I was able to get back to my normal life in a much shorter time than I ever anticipated. For more than a year, I felt like I was fighting a constant battle. I was trying so hard to be positive and thankful for what I had and yet I worried and obsessed about my health and bad things happening all of the time. Joan helped me to quickly identify some of the major life changing events that had happened to me in the last couple of years, a few of which I had not recognized as contributing to my state of mind. She taught me how to recognize each one and to deal with them. As for negative thinking in general, Joan was able to teach me techniques which helped me to acknowledge these thoughts, but more importantly to move my thought process into a more positive direction. I no longer have the anxiety that plagued me for more than a year. If I do feel anxious or negative, I now know what techniques to use to get me back on track. Today I am back to the person I had abandoned…happy, grateful and more thankful.”

From a Tween

“Dear Miss Joan – You help me a lot trying to get through this hard time. OCD is such a crime.  It makes me feel sad.But you turn me glad. Thank you for all the things you have done. You are number one!” – Heather