“While working in private practice in the South Hills area, I needed to consult with someone who knew more about OCD. When I asked my colleagues, Joan Kaylor’s name was the name consistently shared.  Since then, I have consulted with Joan on several cases, referred cases directly to her and even hired her to present two different OCD conferences to our Outpatient Department.  Joan is an amazing speaker.  She is very knowledgeable, offers many different perspectives to the OCD diagnosis and provides practical yet functional treatment approaches to the individual.  I would recommended Joan unequivocally for individual therapy,  consultation and company training.”

Braden Ambrose, M.S., LPC
Outpatient Mental Health Therapist

Emotional Freedom Techniques is an evidenced based tool that combines cognitive behavior therapy with acupressure to eliminate the root of the problem, not treat the symptoms. 6 contact hours available for social workers, marriage and family therapists, nurses and professional counselors.

Bringing “Mastering the Art and Science of Emotional Freedom Techniques” to mental health professionals in your area soon.  Accepting bookings now for 2019. Contact Joan today.

The anxiety spectrum exemplifies the disorders where emotions override thought. Fragmented memories get stored in the body. The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) collapse this uncomfortable emotional and physical reactivity; therefore, freeing a path for spontaneous insights and clearer thinking combined with cognitive behavior therapy. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a comprehensive mind-body treatment that desensitizes three areas: unwanted thoughts, emotions and physical reactions. EFT combines physical interventions derived from restorative (self-applied) acupressure theory with cognitive interventions. EFT is an evidence-based practice with over 100 published studies. One published study demonstrated a 24% decrease in cortisol (stress hormone) level in the EFT group.



Explain the origin and efficacy of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) including peer reviewed, published research.

Implement self-applied, light touch or tapping on acupoints to calm the amygdala while thinking about disturbing upsets — to create a desensitize state as measured by continuous dropping of the SUDS level.

Distinguish that EFT is a mind-body treatment that desensitizes unwanted thoughts, emotions and physical discomfort combined with cognitive behavior therapy concerns of not working outside knowledge base and obtaining ongoing “permission” to use these methods.

List exploratory questions to elicit the first or worst defining event and how to treat in all manifestation in the past, present and future.

Demonstrate combining cognitive behavior therapy with acupoint stimulations for stress, phobias, generalized anxiety and panic.

State the ethical concerns of not working outside knowledge base and obtaining ongoing “permission” to use these methods.

6 hours of Continuing education available for LCSW’s, LPC’s, LMFTS’s and RN’s through R. Cassiday Seminars. $40.00 for contact hours.