Trauma happens when one experiences a horrific event. This would be the death of a loved one, serving in the military, an abusive relationship, a car or plane crash or a horrific event with many people.  The body and mind immediately goes into fight, flight or freeze.  If trauma is not released it become PTSD. This is when the nervous system is stuck in the shock of the trauma.  The body and nervous system cannot release the shock.

Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka tapping, EFT, is a system based in Chinese acupressure. EFT assists the mind and body in releasing the shock of the trauma.  Talk therapy is helpful in the beginning but is not enough.  Research shows that EFT reduces cortisol, the stress hormone and calms the amygdala in the brain.

Traumas can also be inherited from generation to generation.

I will assist you in releasing the trauma and PTSD and return to living life.