Specific EFT

Specific EFT is EFT specific to you.  Everything you read and watch on YouTube is global EFT because the instructor doesn’t know you.  The instructor can only give you a GENERAL idea of set up statements and reminder statements. The instructor cannot give you statements specific to your issue unless you work one on one with them.

A set up statement goes something like this “Even though I feel ______ this about _________, I accept myself (0r) I am working on taking care of myself.” You state the problem like bringing up the file in your computer and then accept yourself even though you have the problem allows you to release the problem.  Strange but true.

When you do specific EFT you create a set up statement that is exactly what happened that created that intensity of the trauma or emotion.    Don’t worry, there are many ways to ease into trauma. You don’t have to use words to access a trauma. This speaks to the art of EFT.

If you have tried EFT or tapping and it hasn’t worked for you or completely eliminated your issue, try specific tapping with a therapist trained in EFT.

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