Why do I do it?

Why do I spend hours learning software, creating podcasts, creating blogs and newsletters and learning and posting on Facebook and Instagram ( I am still learning about Instagram) and ……. the list goes on, WHEN I AM NOT GETTING PAID FOR IT?   Because I love to? Yes. Because I get so much satisfaction from learning a new tool and accomplishing something that few take the time to learn? Yes.  I am my own executive producer of my podcasts. I invite, interview, record, download, edit, create and upload to iTunes and Google Play and Spotify.  Ladies and Gentlemen that is no easy task. The learning curve is tremendous. I don’t farm out podcasts. I do them myself.   I was taught how by an incredibly patient and brave mentor.

Why do I have 41,000+ students on Udemy?  Because I love teaching. I create the course, my executive producer records me in my office studio, edits and uploads.  I LOVE electronic communication. I LOVE reaching YOU.  I LOVE teaching.  I LOVE bringing you the BEST of the BEST.  I love creating.  If you are reading this now you know what I mean.  What juices you?  What excites you and demands your time?  I am stubborn and determined.  Upon accomplishing a goal, my brain takes 30 seconds to relish in success before creating a new goal.

My profession is counseling, teaching and consulting in person and around the world.  My passion is bringing information to you. Hopefully inspiring you.  I am happy to give you an electronic kick in the butt to get off your butt and JUST DO IT!  You don’t have to be perfect. Perfect is a word in the dictionary or perhaps in spell check.

What has happened is I have 41+K students in Udemy, 2000+ downloads in my podcast, 7000+ followers on Twitter, over 1000 followers in Linked In and Facebook and over 10,000 downloads on YouTube. I am invited to teach around the world. I am invited to do blogs for insurance companies that have a gazillion followers. MASSIVE ACTION = MASSIVE RESULTS.

On line learning: https://joankaylor.com/online-learning/

My latest podcast: http://lifewithoutlimits.mypodcastworld.com/9762/health-consciousness-putting-science-and-energy-to-work-for-your-well-being  

All my podcasts are in your iTunes and Google Play apps.  Just search: Life Without Limits.

Contact me today. https://joankaylor.com/contact/ 

JUST DO IT is getting my message around the world.  This is just the beginning.   In deepest gratitude for your time in reading.    Namaste, Joan

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