Travel the World Almost Free

I love to travel.  My bucket list includes teaching Emotional Freedom Techniques around the world. My friend Ricky Shetty is an expert at traveling.  You will be fascinated on my latest podcast with Ricky. I invite you to watch on YouTube and listen to his knowledge.  There are no excuses to travel. Dust off your passport and plan your next adventure.

Can you travel the world inexpensively with a family and make money too? Of course you can. Ricky Shetty has traveled to 81 countries. He and his wife and 3 small children, 6, 4 and 2, have been to 30 of these 81 countries. In Digital Nomad Mastery you learn how to travel the world and make money too. Ricky is a dynamo at travel and digital marketing. I am expanding my podcast to interview successful people with a heart. Ricky is one of these people. He gives back more than he receives. Watch the interview on my YouTube channel: Here is the link to my podcast. Thank you for watching and listening. Please share and comment in iTunes. In gratitude. Joan…/digital-nomad…