World Health Heroes – A New Way to Heal with Owen Morgan

My latest podcast with The Hero Seeker – Owen Morgan founder of #WorldHealthHeroes. Owen is an extraordinary young man. He faced death, survived and created a healing movement. Haven’t many of us dreamed of a health delivery system, apart from insurance, where people can get help with complimentary and alternative treatments for free or low cost from a certified/licensed provider? Owen has created this reality around the world. I invite you to watch/listen to this podcast. Help me spread the word that complimentary and alternative treatments such as #EFT#hypnosis#Reiki#ThiChi#QiGong#meditation#yoga#energypsychology#chakraclearing#massagetherapy#exercise#nutrition and many more are available for those in need of healing. Take insurance and cost out of the equation and see what happens. People get the help they need.

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