Medical Marijuana Brings Relief to Millions with Sven Hosford

Medical marijuana (MM)has helped millions suffering from pain, seizure disorders and PTSD. Back story in Pennsylvania, when lobbying for the passage of the law a mother took her child to a hearing. The child seized in front of the legislators. The law was passed. God bless the child. They are doing better now that they have MM. MM has brought relief and hope to millions in physical pain, seizures and PTSD.. I am honored to work with a certified physician that certifies my clients who have PTSD for their MM card. Medical marijuana + counseling = help. Thank you to Sven Hosford for your knowledge and wisdom. YouTube: https://youtu.be/dfe5ROo1JMY
Podcast: http://lifewithoutlimits.mypodcastworld.com/…/medical-marij…

Pennsylvania joins 30 states in the US in legalizing medical marijuana. There is no high from medical…
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