Christmas YEAH!! or Bah Humbug

Our thoughts turn to images of children, Santa Claus, shopping, food, baking, cooking, decorating and being with family and friends.  This is our hope. Perhaps it is our fantasy. The reality may be entirely different.

For some the thought of all the preparations will through us into a panic attack.  Trying to be perfect or set unattainable goals.

I have learned how to take care of myself. I am visiting friends Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I do not cook so no one expects me to bring anything, I will get some cookies to take to my hostess.  I will reflect back on 2018. I am so grateful for all of you, my friends, the people who have come to me for healing their emotional pain and showing them what is possible in their lives.

How will you take care of yourself over the holidays? It is ok to do what makes you happy. End codependency putting others needs before your own all the time. Absolutely take care of your family but not so you become exhausted. Sit down. Have a cup of tea. Play with your children and pets. Give thanks for your home and friends.  In other words, TAKE A BREAK. If you accomplish 50% of what is on your list, you are a NINJA.

EFT, Tap and Grow Rich with Joan KaylorIf you feel guilty taking care of yourself use Emotional Freedom Techniques to tap down your guilt.

Here is a set up statement for guilt: “Even though I feel so guilty taking care of myself instead of doing everything I think I SHOULD be doing, I choose to release this guilt.” Say this 3 times while tapping the side of your hand under your little finger. Tap these points and say “This guilt.”  Here is your tapping map. Tap on your face, under collar bone and under arm where indicated by the red dots.  Relax and Merry Christmas!