How to Help Release Heartache and Emotional Pain

How to Help Release Heartache and Emotional Pain

And anything that might hurt me would just make me stronger in the end.” ― Elizabeth Eulberg, The Lonely Hearts Club

What happens after all your aspirations won’t go as planned? While you are into something, may it be about relationships, work or dream related – you intend to make all things work and do everything in your power to get to the goal, make it happen. But sometimes, things don’t work as planned and when that happens, you get hurt. The kind of hurt that felt like a stabbing pain in the heart. 

We tend to call this as heartbreak.  We get heartbroken in many ways not just by relationships. Any failure, unmet expectations, misunderstandings or anything that you want so badly and that had you laying down all your cards but didn’t quite happened can cause pain in you. Such emotional pain. This pain can be distracting and prevents one from being objective. While this is normal for a human being to go through, it must be dealt with as soon as possible, because when we allow it to rule over our judgment,  a lot more damage may come our way. One could easily get stuck in a rut if emotions have gone out of perspective. But, with determination and some help this can be dealt with.

How to deal with it? 


Accepting that not everything you aspire really happens the way you want it to. There are things that come our way only to teach us to be better. Like when we were still young, we crawl before we stand and learn to finally walk and even before we confidently did walk, we stumbled so many times, it even hurt us, we just couldn’t remember, because it was such a long time ago.  Look at it as part of your process of taking things into a new level of growing. 

Talk it out. 

There are times, the situation is not clear to a person going through emotional pain. Another person’s perspective might help.

Find a trusted person to help you analyze what happened.  A ready to   listen and sympathetic person beside you gives you security, at least helps you feel you are not alone and someone who knows you enough can help check what type of situation you are going through.

There are cases though, that is not as easy to handle. There are levels of pain a person can go through and it can get too complicated.  Talking to a friend may best be done on another level, seeking professional help is best. Therapy can help you heal better as therapists let you see a wider perspective, make you understand your emotion and guide you to convey what you cannot, thus, creating a better solution to your situation. It can also lead to your higher self-esteem, confidence and more positive outlook in life. So the next time you deal with the same, you’re already equipped for it. 

Exercise and Earthing Helps.

“keeping the body busy keeps the mind out of it.” We can’t help thinking about what pains us. Most heartbroken people would just have blank moments, tends to be sloppy and just want to lie around, or refuse to do anything out of the required routine.  To help keep the mind out of what gives you pain, move that bottom off the couch or stop lazing in the bed. Get up and get going. Or better yet, try Earthing!

Earthing is basically walking out on the grass, feeling the breeze, feeling the sun, the nature. Go out of the usual route, find a park, then take off your shoes and walk on the grass, you can also lie down on the grass feel free to do some angel flaps and feel great by having fun with nature. 

Now to keep your heart pumping, run a bit, or do some stretching and jumping jacks. If there’s a beach nearby, run or yoga along the shoreline. Go on feeling the breeze and listen to the gawking birds while the waves crash the shore.  Earthing is one surefire way to help you feel better and take your mind off what pains you. It’s a self-date worth taking. 


If keeping the body active helps, so does keeping still.  A few minutes of closing your eyes, feeling the calmness of your body, feeling the peace around you provides clarity. It can help you from accepting the situation to giving you that aha! moment for the next exciting things you can do. Meditating helps you listen to yourself, it is also proven to give mind focus and brings better result on healing.  Go on, Ohhhmmm your way to some peace and calm. 

While at it, light some scented candles or diffuse Essential oils to help you feel more grounded and relaxed. 

Learn Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

While going through therapy and some self-help, there can still be moments of sudden emotional bursts. You are going through a process and this is normal. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help you get through sudden emotional relapse. EFT is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It’s also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure. 

Learn more about EFT and free yourself from emotional pain, anytime, anywhere or when needed.

A heartache has many faces. Our hearts break over a sick child, a beloved pet who has crossed over the rainbow bridge, a life partner who leaves due to passing or divorce, a friend who is hurting or a broken heart from a lost love or unrequited love.  All of these heartaches are excruciating.  I have felt them all except a sick child as I have only had fur babies in my life. I have helped other parents deal with a child being ill or worse, losing a child through miscarriage or illness.  A broken heart can heal with help.  I am here to help you with your broken heart.