Earthing to Refresh, Renew, Revitalize

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We all get busy. Our days are mostly in a rush, so, we tend to feel stressed, anxious then drained.  It doesn’t help the fact that at this day and age, we’re all in constant exposure to electronics – like our laptops, TVs,  smartphones, and other gadgets as part of our daily activities makes us constantly bombarded by all these electrons that drains us and at the end of the day, we feel very exhausted.

Realize that when you feel low, it is not only because of your busy schedule but also because of being exposed to all the electronic devices. So,  you should know being exposed to electronics eventually leads to the build-up of electrons, that contributes to the accumulation of free radicals in our body. Not good.

But don’t worry, one thing that will really help us to detoxify from the electrons and to get feel relaxed is being grounded to the Earth. We call this technique – Earthing“

What is Earthing?

Earthing is simply connecting yourself to the earth.

When our body makes direct contact with earth, our body actually recharges energy from Earth that makes us feel better, fast.

It is that barefoot walking on the grass, or the beach, or having a quiet walk in the woods, or brushing the feet against the grass. This is so important because it actually replaces those accumulated electrons. Important because when our feet touch the earth, the sand or the grass, we counterbalance the electrons and replenish the body with the earth’s energy. This helps us feel better, sleep better, look better!

So, simply put, Earthing helps you go back to basics and reconnect with the earth,  and to replenish your energy with all the good of the earth.

Earthing wherever you are

I’ll show you how you can also feel relaxed with earthing on your mind, just by this simple activity.

You can do this whether you’re on your couch, or your bed, or on your lawn.

Wherever you are right now, I want you to sit down, and relax.

Then close your eyes, and think of a serene place or an open field with greeneries everywhere. Think of the woods from afar, the mountains and then the vast sky above with rolling clouds and the calm blue horizon. Think of the trees, feel it rustle against the fresh air,  and the chirping of the birds, the cool breeze on your cheeks.

You wonder what it tastes like, does it taste any? Imagine how it sounds, how cool the air feels. Imagine you are actually lying down on that green grass, letting your whole body sink into this green field touching it, and smelling its fresh dewy scent. Think, what do I feel,  emotionally? So what does it feel now that my body is in contact with the grass? When I connect to the earth, what does it feel like? Just think of how it makes you feel.

Isn’t it wonderful?

Now, don’t stop there.

While eyes closed, just keep on imagining the serene picture all over again.  Take in the whole feel of the rolling hills, the meadows, the mountains, the blue sky, the still, calm waters and you’re still there just lying on the sea of grass, sinking it all in.

Then breathe slow…. and smoothly…

To the count of four…

Breathe in through your nose and then exhale slowly out your mouth,  and allow all your muscles to relax, let go of all the tension in your body as you connect with the earth. Feel it.

Keep on doing this until you feel every stress and anxiety has escaped your body.

I’m sure this will help you feel relaxed, and after doing this you won’t feel anxious, you won’t feel nervous,  you will feel completely calm and you feel better.

Because there’s nothing in the world to think about except for the beautiful day it is.  Just remember to bring yourself to a place of complete surrender, with a picture of the serene scene of a cape or meadow in your mind. Take your time. Do this as long as you want.

And most importantly,  take time to go out and connect with the Earth. Take a walk, feel the warm sun in your skin and go barefoot on the grass and feel it.  It’s always good to recharge with the Earth. Go Earthing!


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