Freedom from Fear, Just Tap it.

Tell me, what do you think makes you anxious or worried? Have you checked your food intake lately?

If you are into colored, caffeine or sugar-laced drinks – you would be surprised that it can be the culprit that triggers your fear, anxiety, your jitters, or your worrying. I have created this new podcast  to help you release your fears and worries. I will share tips with you on how to relax, let go, and manifest your dreams.

What you must avoid in your diet.

Caffeine is a drug, and while sugar is not, but it does make us over stimulated and it contributes to our anxiety. On the onset, it will give you energy and will keep you awake, but in the long run, it will make you feel the opposite. But don’t worry, if you do have this kind of diet, you can slowly take it off your system, I do recommend to slowly tapering down on your consumption until you finally have it out your cravings.

How much is too much? If you tell me that you consume 4 cups a day, then that is too much!  One should only take 2 cups of caffeine a day.

Your body will respond to your intakes.

Keep in mind that it is important to think about what we are putting in our body. Because whatever it is that we put inside our body, the body will do something with it.  And if you’re already experiencing anxiety, fear, nervousness, your diet will definitely play a major impact on that. All these emotions will heighten and will only help you suffer more if you eat or take in junk.

There is a correlation between being stimulated through sugar, depending on what you eat, your mind will use it and act on what you feed your body. Simply put, if you eat good stuff, your mind will think clearly. If you eat junk and take in sugar or caffeine,  your mind and nervous system will respond accordingly.

What we can you do about it?

As an expert on Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT,  I would like to help you gain control over your fear and anxiety by controlling your cravings. I want to give you a short, global tap that you can use daily. While I don’t know who you are and I cannot give anything specific, so, we’ll just do some global tap.

EFT is acupressure used in Chinese Medicine, to reduce cravings and any kind of deprivation you might have.

How to do Tapping?

Let’s try it, here’s a guide on how to Tap to control your cravings for sugar, and junk food + caffeine.

Remember these words, while tapping the side of your palm, repeat  to yourself:

  1. “Even though,  I have craving for sugar and chocolate, coffee caffeine, iced tea…. I am working on letting this go, this addiction to caffeine or sugar” OR;
  2. Say: “I don’t want to tap to let go of caffeine or whatever addiction I have on this body,  I don’t want to let go of this.  Even though it might affect my neural system. I don’t want to let go of this” OR;
  3. Say,   “I am open to the possibility that maybe it could help.”

Say  three times while you tap the side of your hands.

Then start tapping on your acupressure spots from up your crown, going down your forehead, eyelid, cheek, upper lip, chin, upper chest, hug yourself and then under your arm, tap your back while repeatedly  saying: “I don’t want to tap!”

Then take a deep breath.

If you don’t want to tap then don’t. But then,  you also keep your anxiety and fear. TAP! To let go.

Try it again, just go back to the side of your hand tap and say the words to convince yourself that you are willing to let go of the unhealthy diet and addiction. You can divert your thoughts to having a piece of fruit, a piece of cheese any healthy alternative to sugar. While doing so, keep on tapping the side of your palm.  And say to yourself, “I am willing to consider other tasty food, that I want willing to consider this is not healthy for me (keep on thinking about healthier alternative)

Repeat these words: This craving, This craving, while tapping on your acupressure spots and then say:  “I accept myself anyway.”


If you do something enough every day,  it will work. If you do tapping only once, it WON’T work. If you DO IT DAILY, IT WILL WORK. See how many days will take to lower the cravings and gain more control.

These tips and more are included in my Udemy courses,  Again,  I want to share it with you today – FREEDOM FROM FEAR – JUST TAP IT! because this is one of the ways that can calm your nervous system.