Every now and then, I am faced with a challenge that takes me out of my comfort zone. It was just recently when I got an offer to do just that.

I was excited and hesitant at the same time when I received the invitation from Ricky Shetty (Founder of the Freedom Summit Global) to talk about Freedom in Manila, Philippines. Oh dear, imagine my shock when I first heard it, knowing that I have never been out on a trip that would cross oceans and land, to someplace thousands and thousands of miles away. But the shock easily turned to excitement, and because of how committed I am to teach and share my journey and expertise including EFT. I thought, this would be a great opportunity to reach and help more people!

The Freedom Summit Asia is the most ambitious Digital Marketing Summit in
Asia it aims to teach how to Achieve Time Freedom, Financial Freedom, and Location Freedom.

A few days before the trip, I prepared what I best thought will equip me on a long trip. I actually had a friend hypnotize me to help me get through the whole flight.

As per my experience, here are some tips on what to bring and prepare when traveling to Manila:
● I made sure I will not be out of range, so for my communication, I brought along 2 external power packs one for my phone and my laptop. I recommend bringing an 18-hour power pack and a smaller battery attached on your phone and very important to bring an electricity converter. I learned that heat and humidity in the Philippines is a big factor that can drain your battery, easily.
● Manila does not use an international provider like AT&T. So I need a Manila package 60USD for 30 days for unlimited talk, text and data.
● And for cash, make sure you leave the US with enough of the USD. I had the mistake to have it exchanged at my US Bank. Next time, I will take 500USD and have it exchange in the Airport which gives a better deal than a US bank. I learned that when you changed the USD into Philippine Peso in your local bank you will be charged almost half of the exchange value. Best to have the USD exchanged when you arrive at the Philippine Airport.
● The Philippines daily cost of living is cheap, as a cab can take only 8USD per ride.
I had a relatively good five and a half hour Southwest Airline trip from Pittsburgh to LA, and when I finally boarded (I made it within 10 minutes before take off) my international flight on a Philippine Airlines’ B747 wide-bodied plane, I had a nice, comfortable twenty-two hour flight until a co-passenger fell ill and we have to land for an emergency and we were rerouted to Tokyo, Japan that easily put an additional two hours of wait in my schedule. Thankfully, I had my hypnosis session and I just sat and relax there and drink water.

Freedom Global Summit Philippines
The supposed ETA of 6 AM became 10 AM and when we landed in Manila, it was already hot. I arrived in summer, so there, morning in this tropical country is of course not as cool as what I have gotten used to. It was too hot for me, and when I went through Customs, I saw the long line and after an hour of falling in line I think I look like I’m about to faint. So, a guy in uniform came over, and he took me out of the queue into a faster lane. It was so hot and that man is my saving grace. Another saving grace, is when my friends from VANA were waiting to welcome me at the gates, they immediately gave me some water and they drove me to the penthouse where I stayed.

My Freedom Summit Philippines Talk and Emotional Freedom Technique tapping session – A dream come true.


30th, the day of my talk. We arrived at The Freedom Summit Philippines venue, a nice shared working space in Paranaque, Manila.

What a tremendous day! Huddled together in one place are International Speakers, delegates and organizers. The same reason why I had sort of a roller coaster ride of emotion that even my calmness was challenged. Right before my turn to speak, my slides had technical issues and they cannot load it on screen! Fortunately, it was resolved just in time and I was able to still go on with my presentation using my prepared material.

Then the most wonderful scene I have ever witnessed in my entire career! I was able to make a roomful of delegates do tapping to help take away their worry and anxiety. What a dream come true!

It was great to be able to speak in front of an amazing and enthusiastic audience. What’s more uplifting is, after my talk, all the other speakers congratulated me. I mean, wow! One of the speakers I shared the room was Doug Vermeeren, who is one of the creators of book, The Secret! and Croix Sather who finished a marathon across America, and of course, Scott Paton Podcast and Udemy expert, to name a few. I’m so thrilled to know that I am one of the 50 International and Local speakers for the Freedom Summit Philippines leg.

On the Summit’s second day, I went to the venue and supported my friends and co-speakers, and then the next day, we went to one of the Summit workshops and then some press interviews.

I was interviewed by the local press, by a prime news network in the Philippines. I am now an International Speaker and a celebrity in the Philippines! Shout out to Mitch Carson and Cora who made this press encounter possible.


We were also invited to guest in a radio program and was interviewed by Myke Celis of DZME, and we had a lot of fun talking about the Summit.


The rest of the speakers went on to speak in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia April 6th, then Singapore on April 7th, and then in Bali, Indonesia on April 13th and then on April 17th in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Freedom Summit in 5 Asian cities!

Ricky did a tremendous job in getting all of this together, he is a force of nature but all these became possible with the help of dedicated and expert people in their respective field. Which taught me something, that I need help in my life as well, and I now have a team helping me all over the world. Like for instance, this podcast is made possible by my friend Angel, the graphics on my Facebook page by Gustavo, my Instagram account managed by Francisco, and Nelle helps me with my blog, and soon someone will help me with accounting, and in Manila I met the most wonderful people from VANA (Virtual Assistant Network Asia) they were a great help during my stay in the Philippines. I draw on the skills and talents of these people with my business and helps me focus on my expertise. My expertise is in helping you, in meeting with you, and helping you get unstuck.

This Summit made me learn a lot in between and has created a lot of ideas and opportunities. We will soon launch a Udemy on EFT for travel and fearful fliers. I will be telling you more about it in my next episodes.

What can I say? The trip was a great and wonderful experience. The Filipinos are warm and hospitable and everything they do and give is from their heart, they are the most heart-centered people I’ve met. I have also learned these beautiful phrases during my trip – MABUHAY! and SALAMAT (Thank you), that I now often use.

I will never forget how I had the most incredible time of my life! I’m grateful that I was able able to talk about my expertise, share my passion and how I rose from my humble beginnings, my hair pulling days and how I handled it, including the rise and fall and the rise again of my business on the internet. I feel so blessed, I am now able to help people around the globe through the internet.

It was such a memorable first out of the country trip and I’m glad it was to the Philippines, and I will definitely be back!

Learn more about my Journey to the Philippines and my Freedom Summit experience in my two-part audio podcast. myjourneytothePhilippines.