Island Girl Survives Cancer to Help Others

Image may contain: Leodivine Quizon, sitting

My travel to the Philippines proved to be a fruitful one. I was told that my EFT tapping session during my Freedom Summit Philippines talk has impacted a lot of delegates. One of them is this extraordinary woman: Meet Leodivine Quizon, a wife, a mom and an Island girl from Palawan, Philippines who relocated to Manila and tried her luck in the BPO Industry, worked for US companies like AT&T, UVerse, and Expedia which abruptly took a halt when she was diagnosed with early-stage cervical cancer. That was the beginning of her self-doubt and started questioning her faith and on anything that she believed in. She felt miserable especially when bills come rolling in. Having cancer in the Philippines is like being in a death trap because it is one of the illnesses that is not covered by any health insurance nor by Government support. Life got so dim for her she even considered ending her life and stop being a burden to her loved ones.


And due to financial constraints, when she needed to undergo chemotherapy, she refused. Although Leodivine has lost the positive outlook for quite some time, she chose to rise from her dire situation. She opted for naturopathic ways, took a wellness course, used essential oils, observed a healthier diet, a better lifestyle, and had frequent check-ups. She also started to realize that her emotions have a lot to do with her illness, so she involved herself to a lot of activities that will fix her negativities and helped herself out of her misery. Miraculously, she went into remission and currently, she’s already doing better but still under doctor’s observation.  Thankful, she strengthened her faith and self-love and vowed to make the most of her existence.


To date, Divine is busy with her new-found career as an eventologist, Executive Virtual assistant, wellness advocate, and recently into podcasting! She aims to help people suffering from cancer or anyone with a family member that is going through cancer. She will share her journey and continue to inspire people through her Voice of Divine – Cancer Journey Stories podcast.


She is also a proud member of the Virtual Assistant Network Asia (VANA). For Divine, this group is more like a family or a sisterhood of a sort that she has been blessed with, and she’s glad that VANA’s mission is one with her advocacy – to help empower fellow women.


Get to know more about Leodivine in my Life without Limits podcast episode and be inspired by her story of struggle, triumph and her passion on wellness, health and empowering others as her way of maximizing her second chance in life.