Sua Truong: Broker with Soul

Life Without Limits by Joan Kaylor

Sua Truong is an immigrant from Vietnam who now lives in British Columbia, Canada. A very positive and energetic person. When you talk to him, he has that contagious energy that will keep you smiling even after the conversation.

He admits, that he likes to keep the kid in him especially when he is around his children. But don’t be fooled, beneath that layer is a man of wisdom gathered from his rich life lessons and experiences.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Sua’s back story is one for the books. His baptism of fire happened during his preteen years and the deeply scarred history of Vietnam, more than 30 years ago. It was a time when Communism took over the country and when every Vietnamese was forced to embrace the principle. Before that, the Truongs was doing well as they own land properties, they lived in a good community, and his father owns small businesses thriving well and good enough. Theirs was a family with a promising future. But just like that, all the hard work his father put into their family and their businesses just fell apart as everything they have was taken from them. They were one of the families that were literally stripped off of their belongings and were thrown out to roam on the streets.

And more Unfortunate events

As his family ended up with nothing but only with the clothes on their back, and they had no choice but stay in a refugee camp in Thailand.
Thankfully, his family was sponsored to migrate and start anew in Canada. But life is still hard for his growing family and food is meager. For the teenager Sua, this hunger calls for action so he dived dumpsters from restaurants and grocers throwing away salvageable left-overs. It was not ideal, but it was the only thing he can do at a young age to help relieve the deprivation.

“What’s my excuse?”

We all hear stories of people being broken by political turmoils and beaten down with all the unfortunate events and its aftermath. But not for Sua, he used his rock bottom situation to catapult himself out of it with his full intention to succeed and determination to get out of his hungry, poor state. One day, he just realized how badly he wanted to never go back and he swore to himself that whatever it takes, he will find a way out. He held his hopes high even through times he got rejected more than he can count. Sua just kept on going to look for opportunities and took any odd jobs he could find.

He is a man inspired by his father’s work ethics. He witnessed his old man worked from dawn to dusk, shifts after shifts, and made sure he and his siblings will have something to eat. His father braved jobs despite the fact he came to a foreign land with no skills and challenged by the language barrier, yet made his way up from the bottom. Sua held on to this as a reminder how he needed to work hard as well – “Seeing him worked so hard…then, what’s my excuse?”

Road to Riches

Working as an employee, he already had that ”self-employed” mindset. He jumped from one industry to another, and while being good at it, he still felt unhappy because he wanted to do something that has the most impact. Always a person who thinks out of the box, he utilized his exposure to different industries and was able to assess his potential. He saw that an industry diminishes as another emerges to bring something better on the table. This also taught him that you can’t do the same thing and expect to get more result out of it. This pushed him to re-think his path and shift to the Financial Services sector.

Armed only with his entrepreneurial and natural marketing skills, he went to seek mentors and coaches to help him with this new endeavor.
He eventually learned to put more value on his money, his clients, and even his competitors. This made him realize his knack for helping others to transform their financial stability. For him, the more he gives value on his time and skills in evaluating what he needs to focus on, the more he created opportunities and ways to expand his market, as well as his clients’.

Sua is now among the reputable mentors for highly-skilled Mortgage brokers and Real Estate investors. His vow to never ever look back to his dumpster days brought him to a position to be of help to others who, like him, wanted to break free from poverty. At present, he aims to uplift lives by teaching willing people how to realize their talents, to create a path for their financial freedom, and reach their goals.

Advice from the Broker

“Focus on what you are good at and what you love to do, get deep into that, then leave the rest to the others, to concentrate at least 20% of your market.” For Sua, his 20% are the affluent, and the very busy ones who would love to pay for his financial advice. Since his passion is to figure out other people’s financial status, with this job, he is able to do what is close to his heart and help his clients gain more time to do other things.

He noticed, a lot of people has been selling themselves short and not knowing how they can play best on their respective field. To avoid that, his advice is to find a way to learn and create a better version of you, get a mentor if need be, then focus on turning the leverage of your time and expertise into money. While at it, try to also help and understand people, try to be of help at all times, do not only think of what’s in it for you.

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