Prosperity through Feng Shui


For anyone that doesn’t understand or believe in the power of Feng Shui I am here to tell you it works. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese system of aligning one’s home or office to nature and your goals.  It sounds simplistic. Once I am already an energy practitioner for humans.  I studied Feng Shui this summer.  I had already used Feng Shui principles in my home. I decided to add some fire energy – not real fire – the color red to my fame area according to the bagua. The bagua is a map of energy that shows areas of life: health, helpful people, relationships, fame, prosperity, family, business and soul purpose. By arranging one’s goals in these areas – goals have a stronger energy.  I put a red box of intention into my fame area. This is what happened.

  • A new influx of clients.
  • More cash clients as opposed to insurance clients.
  • Invitations to be on other podcasts.
  • Collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work to offer online courses for continuing education.
  • The BIG one:  I got a HUGE refund from the IRS from an incorrect calculation in 2018.  Now when does THAT happen?

All this because i added a red box of intention in the fame area of my home office. I have other items there but obviously I needed fire energy.

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