Brenda Blair — Finding Love After 50 Using EFT

Love and relationship expert, Brenda Blair and I sat down to talk about finding love after 50 using EFT.

In this podcast, she shares her own journey to love.  A journey that she turned into a system to help women over 50 find the love of their lives.

Brenda is an EFT practitioner, psychotherapist, and nonviolent communication specialist. And, her own journey to love is an inspiration to senior women.  In her words, “I help Senior Women create the loving relationship of their dreams.”

Single for 16 years at age 65, Brenda was ready to give up on love when she finally discovered it. And, she attributes this success to EFT. This technique helped her remove the negative beliefs that prevented her from finding love later in life. 

She says, “Eventually I began to see a pattern in the men I was attracting. The penny dropped. It wasn’t about them. It was all about me and the beliefs and fears I was carrying. Within weeks of releasing these, Jack entered my life.”

Do you long for a relationship, but hold these self-limiting beliefs?

  • You are too old, too many wrinkles, and weight too much.
  • No good men remain. 
  • Men are only interested in younger women.
  • Men only want sex.
  • You’ve been hurt and will get hurt again.

Listen to this episode to learn about Brenda Blair’s journey to finding love after 50.

You can learn more about Brenda Blair’s system for finding love late in life at Senior Women Finding Love.