Jersey Garcia on Dating After Divorce, Tapping, and Attracting the Love You Want

Jersey Garcia, host of the podcast Divorced Girls Date, joins Joan Kaylor on this bilingual episode of Life Without Limits. Jersey is a licensed therapist and certified EFT coach. She specializes in helping single, divorced women re-enter the dating scene while attracting the love they want.

Many women tell themselves the same stories about finding a new partner after divorce.

  • It’s too scary to date again.
  • There are no good men or women left.
  • I don’t want to be single, but it’s just too much work.
  • Divorced women should focus on raising their children, not dating.
  • Men aren’t emotionally available.


These limiting beliefs, along with fear, shame, and overwhelm, can hold women back from finding the love they want—and, instead, lead them right back to the same type of relationship they left.

To confidently date again, they rewrite their stories, resolve conflict, and heal their pasts.  After this, they can identify the love they want and begin attracting it.

In this conversation, Jersey shares her solution-focused approach and how she leverages the power of tapping and EFT to let go of limiting beliefs around divorce, dating, and finding lasting love.


About Jersey Garcia & Divorced Girls Date

Jersey Garcia is a licensed marriage and family therapist turned relationship coach who guides women through healing shame, reframing love, and creating their ideal relationship(s). With sprinkles of humorous real talk, lots of tapping (emotional freedom techniques), and her extensive training in trauma-informed, cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused approaches, she assists her clients in achieving more harmony, clarity, and confidence when dating after divorce and in their closest relationship(s).

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