Market Wagon’s Nick Carter on Organic Food and Local Food Producers

Market Wagon’s CEO, Nick Carter is revolutionizing the food supply chain.

He created Market Wagon, an online community that links consumers with local farmers. He joins Joan on this episode of Life Without Limits to talk about organic food, pasture-raised meats, and helping food producers thrive.

Nick co-founded Market Wagon in 2016 to connect his small Indiana farm to local consumers. Today, his company serves 2,000 food producers and consumers in 37 cities across the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Appalachia regions of the US.

Joan is one of their happy customers in the southwestern PA region.

Nick and Joan start with a deep dive into the difference between certified organic and organic. In the 1960s, Rodale Institute coined the term organic in their magazine, Organic Gardening. Nick shares keen insights into how the USDA organic certification lost its meaning and how regulation is a poor substitution for transparency.

As a result, Market Wagon isn’t just an online farmers’ market. It is also an online community where consumers get to know their food producers and their practices. They can chat, ask questions, and leave reviews.

Watch Joan’s interview to learn how Nick helps food producers thrive in local markets while delivering quality food to your front door.