Affirmations for Attracting Love

If you’re longing for love, you may subconsciously make choices that prevent love from coming into your life. For example, you may meet someone but not see them again—not because there’s anything wrong with them or because they didn’t want to see you again, but because of your fears that they weren’t right to begin with.

This happens all the time, so you can learn how to use affirmations to attract love into your life and manifest your unmet needs as realities. You just need to know what to say and when to say it!

Using Affirmations to Act

You’re likely familiar with the Law of Attraction. And most get it wrong. They think all they must do is think positively or pray, and what they want will drop from the sky: money, romance, health, peace, joy, and more.

Not exactly.

The Law of Attraction is based on what we FEEL and on taking ACTION. It is not only about what we think.

I am all for prayer, but God or spirit needs us to act. Like the metaphor about the man in the boat. God sent him oars to paddle back to shore. He did not use the paddles, and he drowned. Use the paddles God sends you.

The true power of the Law of Attraction happens when we use the power of affirmations to take intentional action toward the life we want.

If you want love, do things that will attract love. Act as if and use affirmations, short, powerful statements that trigger your mind positively.

Getting Clear on What You Want in Love

Before using affirmations to attract love, you’ll need to get crystal clear about what you want in a romantic partner.

What hobbies are important? Values? Faith? Mindsets? What habits or values are deal breakers?

Along the way, you may have to go through many frogs before finding your prince. After my divorce, I dated for over three years before I found mine.

The key?

I knew what I deserved, and I would not settle for less.

To get clear on the love you want to attract, reflect on these questions:

  • What hobbies are important? Values? Faith? Mindsets? What habits or values are deal breakers?
  • Reflect on the things that make up a good relationship (e.g., faithfulness, equality).
  • List your desires for the relationship, for example: I deserve someone who is kind to me, thoughtful, loves me as much as I love them, will be there when it matters, and wants the same things that I do out of life

4 Affirmations for Attracting Love

Like Michael Bublé sings, “I just haven’t met you YET.” In other words, they’re on their way. They are out there looking for you, too.

Use these affirmations to attract the love you want:

  • I deserve a partner who communicates, is not afraid to face their “stuff,” enjoys cuddling, romance, football, golf, travel, knows how to use a cell phone, and is financially secure. That is one long affirmation. Guess who I met? Yes, someone who is all this and more.
  • I want to share my happiness with you. Make sure you are happy first. Do NOT expect someone to make you happy. That is your job.
  • You are so hot. This is a great affirmation to stir passion. Of course, a friendship should develop first, but sexual attraction is important.
  • It is safe to be happy. It is possible to be happy. I want to be happy. These seem simple; however, if you feel any “No” or “Yes but” EFT tapping has the power to neutralize your resistance.

Emotional Freedom Techniques & Love Affirmations

Emotional Freedom Techniques help to remove all the “Yes, buts” from your affirmations.

If you said “Yes, but” these are called “tail-enders.” They need to be cleared using EFT/ Tapping before this person will come into your life.

Attracting the love of your life will not happen until resistance, past hurts, anger, fear of rejection, trauma, and abandonment issues are healed.

In my own life, I realized I had abandonment issues. I lost my father when I was 15. I tapped on the fear of my love leaving me so I would not sabotage my relationship.

Create Your Affirmations for Love

Creating your affirmations to attract love will help you find the love you desire and deserve.

Who is it that you want to attract into your life? Start there.

However, suppose you find that you don’t 100% believe your affirmations? In that case, it’s a sign that you need help from a trained professional who can help you eliminate self-sabotaging thinking. They will help individualize your EFT work to focus on your unique situation.

The truth is that the global scripts you find on YouTube and across the internet will not work to eliminate the resistance you feel.

I’m here to help. Let’s book your first session to learn how to use affirmations for attracting love.