Joan Kaylor


Professional Credentials

Licenses & Certifications

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) since 2002.  PA License # PC000222
  • May1994 Duquesne University -Master of Science in Education ; M.S.Ed.
  • October 1994 – National Certified Counselor designation (N.C.C.)
  • May 1994 – Bachelor of Arts  Muskingum College, New Concord, Ohio

Professional Associations

  • Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology – ACEP, Board Member at Large
  • TLC Foundation for Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors
  • International OCD Foundation

education background

  • 1996 certified as cognitive-behavior therapist from Behavior Therapy Institute – Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation
  • 1998 advanced OCD training in hoarding and pure obsessions from Gail          Steketee,PhD., Randy Frost PhD., and Mark Freeston, PhD, from Behavior  Therapy Institute through national Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation

Professional Experience

  • March 2005 to present: Private Practice  157 Waterdam Road, Suite 260, McMurray, PA 15317
  • September 1994-March 2005 – South Hills Interfaith Ministries-South Park, PA Private practice with South Hills Interfaith Ministries’ Family Counseling Center specializing in anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder and trichotillomania., with children/teens and families.
  • July 1994 to June 2000         Chartiers MH/MR                  Bridgeville, PA
  • Floating counselor throughout units including intake, adult residential           treatment program, student assistance program, and long term structured residential treatment program for the elderly.

My Story

I was fortunate to have parents who loved me and each other. Life was great until age 4.  My brother was born in 1957. All hell broke loose. He was on the autism spectrum.  There was no treatment let alone a diagnosis back then.  My parents fought about how to help him and raise him. My life was terror. 

To quiet my anxiety, I began pulling out my hair. Hair pulling became my addiction until I was 39.  Some people choose drugs, alcohol, weed, food, gambling, shopping and more…. Anything can be an addiction if used to excess and it covers anxiety. Suffice it to say there was no treatment for hair pulling, aka, trichotillomania.

I met Christina Pearson, the founder of the Trichotillomania Learning Center Foundation for body focused repetitive behaviors, or Whew!  Christina created TLC and many others including myself joined her. TLC grew. I met my tribe. I volunteered. I went to Duquesne University to earn my counseling degree. I found my soul’s purpose. To help the world stop pulling out their hair and picking their skin, dermatillomania or excoriation disorder. 

I stopped pulling out my hair because I found my purpose and self-worth.  Today I help individuals and families in Pennsylvania and all over the world. I help with anxiety, depression, trauma, hair pulling, skin picking, women’s issues. 

Together there is nothing we cannot accomplish. All you have to do is learn how. I teach you the tools and create a safe, confidential space to heal.  I have been on this planet for a while. I hope I have grown in wisdom. I do know I have life experience to empathize with compassion. This is what I do and who I am. I send you peace, health, abundance and joy.