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Joan Kaylor speaks in the Philippines at the Freedom Global Summit

Freedom Global Summit Phillipines

Press Release from Joan’s Speaking Engagement at the Freedom Global Summit in Manila, Philippines ,   march 2019–dBXbr46Qm332FhF8RZgtNceErYppGw

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holiday stress
Emotional Freedom Techniques

Christmas YEAH!! or Bah Humbug

Our thoughts turn to images of children, Santa Claus, shopping, food, baking, cooking, decorating and being with family and friends.  This is our hope. Perhaps

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Hair Pulling, Trichotillomania, Joan Kaylor

My Hairy Addiction

What if you were addicted to something that went with you everywhere, had a steady supply and did not cost you anything?  That is what

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Your Money Attitude

I don’t mess around when it comes to money. I love helping people raise their money vibration with tapping. It was so much fun helping Richard

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Travel the World Almost Free

I love to travel.  My bucket list includes teaching Emotional Freedom Techniques around the world. My friend Ricky Shetty is an expert at traveling.  You

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