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I offer consulting services outside Pennsylvania through video conferencing on your schedule. I have clients all over the world.  You don’t need to remain stuck in old patterns and beliefs. Sometimes it only takes a few meetings to release pain or shift subconscious belief patterns that sabotage you causing you to make poor choices.

Stop Suffering, Get Help Now

I am ready to help.  Let’s talk today.

Ready – Set – Manifest

  • Meetings recorded and sent to you to download
  • Monthly Zoom group mentoring.
  • Create goals
  • Get results
  • Stay accountable

I have 55 years experience struggling with, healing from and  teaching others how to end the addiction of trichotillomania and dermatillomania. It is not easy. I know. It IS possible to stop pulling and picking for good.

Keep in mind there is no such thing as a “one hit wonder” meaning we will meet until you have not had an urge or thought of pulling for 6 months. Healing is more than taking a pill or NAC or using a scarf or fidget tools. This is part of it, but those things only touch the surface of BFRBs. Besides, do you want to be on NAC or medication for the rest of your life or do you want this to be over and be happy and healthy?

Fee structure:

In Pennsylvania my services are covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield and UPMC health plan or your health savings account. Outside Pennsylvania is it fee for service. 

$500.00 for package of 3 meetings.

$1000.00 for 8 meetings

Single meetings after a package $200.00

Contact me at Joan@joankaylor.com when you are ready to begin. 

While there are some similarities between coaching and psychotherapy, they are very different activities. The purpose of psychotherapy is to alleviate psychological disorders and coaching is not appropriate for clients with psychological disorders. Coaching is a professional relationship in which the coach partners with the client to help the client meet specific, tangible goals. Coaching may address specific personal goals or projects, life balance, stress management, job performance and satisfaction or general conditions in the client’s life, health, business or profession. As your coach I will work with you to define goals and strategies for meeting them, and to identify potential obstacles and ways to minimize or eliminate them.

Please be advised my energy coaching & consulting services are not part of my psychotherapy practice and I don’t provide counseling or psychotherapy services in my energy coaching and consulting practice. If you are a coaching or consulting client, I will not diagnose, treat, or manage your mental health issues, problems, or disorders.

Stop Suffering, Get Help Now

I am ready to help.  Let’s talk today.

“It all started with a coupon from a dear friend of mine to take one of Joan’s online classes. This particular class was a Chakra clearing class. My life has changed in ways I have only dreamed of with consultations & energy coaching with Joan Kaylor. July was my first meeting with Joan over the internet & we continue to “meet” every month. I was “stuck” in a life that did not make me happy. After chakra clearing & further work with Joan I was brave enough to ask for job relocation near family that involved a move across the country. With positive intentions my house sold for asking price within two days, and closed in the time frame that worked for me. Joan & I continue to work on my relationships with family members, and friends. Where was she 30 years ago? Joan could have saved me a lifetime of bad choices & heart ache. She has taught me valuable lessons that I incorporate daily & from now on I will not make another life changing move without Joan coaching me through. I will forever be totally grateful to have met Joan & honor the relationship I have with her. Safe to say I am a Joan Kaylor “junkie”. Every bit of knowledge from her podcasts to her Udemy classes has been beyond beneficial. Her network of experts is extraordinary. I love life!!”


Specific Tapping & Emotional Freedom Techniques

Still Struggling?  Try Tapping to Clear the emotional energy of a negative emotion.