My services include counseling children, teens, couples, individuals and families.   I listen without judgement. I respect each person as a human being.  Counseling is not just about relief from emotional and mental pain. I will help you find relief. I will also assist you in living an extraordinary life. NEVER settle for ordinary. Strive for extraordinary.

Join me in my office for private, confidential counseling at your convenience. I have evening hours. Or use distance video counseling as described below.  Since I must be licensed to practice counseling in the state in which you are, I can only do distance counseling if you live in Pennsylvania.

Counseling Services

“”Start with probing questions?”

For residents of Pennsylvania,   Provide the following 

individual counseling

Individual Counseling

Whether is it anxiety, stress, depression, or other emotional challenges, we can get to the root and develop a plan for change and improvement. More Individual Counseling

My counseling methods are exciting and innovative. I combine cognitive behavior therapy and counseling with energy psychology. Energy psychology locates the root cause of your anxiety and depression in the subtle electrical  currents of the human body to access where the emotional disruption is. The premise of energy psychology is that all emotions and negative thoughts are based in our energy system. I am trained in the diagnosis and release of these emotional disruptions and sabotaging thoughts and choices. I want to assist you in getting to the cause of the problem and provide you with the opportunity to release it, not cope with it. Although I help individuals suffering with anxiety, depression, OCD, trichotillomania, dermatillomania, PTSD, trauma, anger, phobias, fear, and more….., I am a holistic psychotherapist meaning I want to get to know you. My intent is to assess your emotional, mental and spiritual health. If you have physical issues we can eliminate the stress that may be contributing to physical issues.

You are not alone.

End the arguing.  See how I can help you both.

Child and teenager counseling

Family & Child Counseling

Children and teens are very special clients.  I work with parents of young children to teach strategies that have been shown to release stress and anxiety and very specific techniques for hair pulling.  I recommend nutrition, low to no sugar and fish oil to that can balance the nervous system.  Medication for children and teens is a last resort.  There are so many strategies and techniques that can release anxiety, depression, body focused repetitive behaviors and obsessive compulsive disorders.  Children on the autism spectrum respond well to Brain Gym, energy tapping, breathing techniques and earthing mats.  I enjoy working with families to help resolve mental health issues and bring balance to families.

Please note that both parents must sign the Consent to Treatment form for their minor children. In a separation or divorce situation the non custodial parent may print out, sign their child’s name on the line indicated, sign their name and fax consent to me at 724-942-5479.  IF a custodial parent has documentation that they may make all medical decisions then the non custodial parent does not need to sign the Consent to Treatment form.

Bring peace back to your home.

Learn how you can help your family coexist. Call today.

Tele Counseling

I use Zoom to meet with you through your computer. It is secure and HIPAA compliant.

I am ready to help you whether it is an individual meeting or you wish to bring others into a psychotherapy session.   Technology allows us to meet from the comfort of your home or office.  We must meet first in my brick and mortar office for the evaluation of your problem. Then we can meet via tele-counseling as long as you are in Pennsylvania. This is especially helpful for students when they go on to college.

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield supports tele-counseling. If you have mental health benefits under Highmark, tele-counseling is covered. You are responsible for your co-payment or deductible just as for a regular office session.

Help, when and how you need it.

Easy and Convenient. Let’s talk today.

Hair pulling, trichotillomania, skin picking, dermotillamania

Hair Pulling, Skin Picking & OCD

I stopped pulling out my hair in 1989. I know how hard it is to stop. I know how difficult it is to break the addiction of trichotillomania and dermatillomania.

I have been helping children, teens and adults stop pulling hair and picking skin since 1994 when I became a licensed professional counselor.

Break the cycle of Hair Pulling and Skin Picking

I am ready to help.  Let’s talk today.

Online Store

Part of a health mind is a healthy body. I am a holistic therapist. My intention is for your total health; mind, body and spirit. As a licensed counselor I am an expert at helping you with your mental and emotional well-being.

Disclaimer for my psychotherapy & counseling practice.

Preparing for your session.

Here are the documents that you will be signing.  Please read them carefully.  It is helpful to print out the Client Information form, complete and bring with you on your first visit.  I will have the other forms in my office. I must witness your signature in my office so there is no need to bring any other form with you.

Here is my CV to browse my training and experience.

client_information form.  Please complete and return it to me before your appointment.

Privacy Notice


Disclosure Notice

Client & Rights_Responsiblities

Consent to Treatment

Cancellation policy:  I require 24 hours to cancel or chance an appointment.   Less than 24 hours notice or no show appointments your credit card will be charged $100.00

Organizations and Professional Counseling Licensure Board

National Board of Certified Counselors

Pennsylvania Counseling Association

Pennsylvania State Board of Social Worker, Marriage and family counselors and Professional Social Workers

Office Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 am to 6 pm. Friday and Saturday 9 am to 12 noon.  I am closed on Monday.

Contact me at: Joan@JoanKaylor.com or 724-413-0964.

Insurance & Fees

When you research Highmark or UPMC insurances, I am listed as Lisa Joan Kaylor. Please ask for Lisa Joan Kaylor as a provider.

I take Highmark and UPMC commercial (not medical assistance or medicare) insurances.

Please know your:  co-payment, deductible, co-insurance and health savings account before we meet.

If you have another insurance I will give you a super bill to turn into your insurance company. It is your responsibility to check for any  out of network benefits. 

My fee is $150.00 for  out of network counseling sessions in my office.

I accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express as well as cash and personal check. A credit card is required to secure appointments.

I request 24 hours to change an appointment. If you forget or cancel the same day there is a $100.00 fee.

Click Here to Download and Read the Counseling Disclaimer

Joan Kaylor, MSEd, LPC, NCC, LLC

Joan Kaylor, Licensed Professional Counselor

Website Disclaimer
Psychotherapy Practice

Welcome to the section of JoanKaylor.com where Joan Kaylor, as the single member of Joan Kaylor, MSEd, LPC, NCC, LLC offers her services as a psychotherapist in Pennsylvania.

Please be advised Joan Kaylor only provides psychotherapy services and trainings in Energy Psychology methods under her license in Pennsylvania as a Licensed Professional Counselor. In a separate practice, Joan Kaylor offers her services as an Energy Wellness Coach & Consultant. If you are interested in her coaching and consulting services, please visit the separate section of this website that features those services.

This Disclaimer contains important information to share with you and for you to understand. Please be advised of the following:

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You understand by viewing this website you will be introduced to an integrative and holistic approach to psychotherapy incorporating several methods within the newly emerging field of Energy Psychology, including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Energy Psychology is a collective term used to refer to a variety of mind-body approaches, energy techniques, processes, methods, and therapies that work with selected aspects of the human energy system, including, meridians, acupoints, radiant circuits, chakras, and the biofield. Energy Psychology methods look at and seek to address imbalances within the client’s energy system, as well as the energetic influence of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions on the body and are designed to enhance therapeutic outcomes for clients. Specifically, EFT uses the ancient Chinese meridian system with a gentle tapping procedure which stimulates designated meridian end points on the face and body while saying specific phrases and focusing on issues of emotional intensity in order to release the intensity and reframe the issues. The prevailing premise of EFT is that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. It is believed that EFT helps clear these disruptions, thereby restoring the flow and balance of the body’s electromagnetic and more subtle energies. The theory of Energy Psychology is that the flow and balance of the body’s electromagnetic and more subtle energies are important for physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health, and for fostering well-being.

Although Energy Psychology methods appear to have promising mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health benefits and there is a growing amount of scientific research indicating that EFT is an effective evidence-supported technique, especially for managing stress, they have yet to be fully researched by the Western academic, medical, and psychological communities. Therefore, Energy Psychology methods are considered experimental and the extent of their effectiveness, as well as their risk and benefits, are not fully known. Please be advised Energy Psychology methods, including EFT, are self-regulated and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does not license practitioners of Energy Psychology methods and considers them to alternative or complementary healing approaches.

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