Children and Family Counseling


Child and teenager counseling Children and teens are very special clients.  I work with parents of young children to teach strategies that have been shown to release stress and anxiety and very specific techniques for hair pulling.  I recommend nutrition, low to no sugar and fish oil to that can balance the nervous system.  Medication for children and teens is a last resort.  There are so many strategies and techniques that can release anxiety, depression, body focused repetitive behaviors and obsessive compulsive disorders.  Children on the autism spectrum respond well to Brain Gym, energy tapping, breathing techniques and earthing mats.  I enjoy working with families to help resolve mental health issues and bring balance to families.

Please note that both parents must sign the Consent to Treatment form for their minor children. In a separation or divorce situation the non custodial parent may print out, sign their child’s name on the line indicated, sign their name and fax consent to me at 724-942-5479.  IF a custodial parent has documentation that they may make all medical decisions then the non custodial parent does not need to sign the Consent to Treatment form.