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I love teaching. Here are my courses in Udemy. You cannot imagine how your life will change using Emotional Freedom Techniques, Chakra Balancing and Applied Kinesiology.

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Stress Management with Evidence Based EFT

An increasing number of studies demonstrate the utility of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) application for assessing clients and a treatment plan of clinical care. While no one therapy has been found to be exclusively comprehensive in treating a client and their problem(s), EFT has been identified as an effective tool to assist with identifying and reducing the client’s clinical symptoms that include, but are not exclusive to, insomnia, depression, increased cortisol, PTSD, anxiety, and other disorders . EFT has been found to be an evidenced based mind-body treatment getting to the cause of the disorder. This webinar is an introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques as used in a clinical setting.


“Please note that, although CE courses provided by CSWE accredited universities are accepted by most U.S. state licensing boards, the final authority for approving any continuing education activity rests with social work board of the state where you are licensed. Even those states that accept CSWE approval may have exceptions in terms of courses they will accept. Participants are responsible for ensuring that CE sessions they attend are eligible for credit with their state licensing board.”

Emotional Freedom Techniques through the University of Pittsburgh

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EFT for Hair Pulling and Skin Picking

Tools and techniques for overcoming Trichotillomania and Dermatillomania.​

Packed with 24 videos and 2 hours of lessons, you will learn EFT techniques to assist you with your hair pulling and skin picking

Manifest Your Dreams

Powerful, effective, natural manifesting techniques.  Rent or Buy the 36 episodes 

Healing your Chakras

Healing your Chakras and resetting the natural energetic pathways of your body. 

Stop Sugar Cravings Now!

Rent or Buy the 27 episodes and get control over your sweet tooth and sugar addiction.  

EFT and Tapping for Trauma Relief

PTSD, Trauma Relief

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Essential Oils, Earthing, Root Chakra balancing, Talk therapy, medication, and more.

Sacral Chakra Balancing and Balancing with EFT

Healing Your Sacral Chakra

Feel their divine energy moving thru their bodies Experience intimacy at a deeper level Be more in touch with their sexuality

Healing You Root Chakra

Healing the Root Chakra

Personal Growth via Root Chakra Clearing – Heal birth trauma – Heal wounds from childhood – Remove self-sabotaging beliefs.

Root Chakra Healing and clearing

Chakra Healing & Clearing

Clearing For Better Energy, Thinking. Clear out the garbage clogging up your Chakra energy systems quickly and easily

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Healing Secrets Part 2

The second part of Chakra Healing & Clearing

EFT for Entrepreneurs

Tapping Your Way to Success. Sharpening Your Axe to Gently Cut Through the Self Sabotaging Behaviors Preventing Your Success

EFT for Food Addiction and Cravings

EFT for Weight Loss

You may have tried EFT or tapping previously and gotten some results as in feeling more relaxed but not ended your and addictions to sugar and junk food.

Power EFT

Secrets to Success with Tapping. Emotional Freedom Technique systems for living an exciting life.

EFT for Stock Options Trading Success

Gain understanding and confirmation with your investments.

Healing Relationships with EFT

Love and trust can be brought back to what it once was.

EFT Weight Loss - Tapping into Exercise

Find your motivation and joy in exercising.

EFT for Negotiations

Tap your way to a successful result.

EFT for Parents of Children Who Pull Hair and Pick Skin

Get the resources and knowledge to help your kids that pick and pull.

Remove Your Money Blocks with EFT

Now just set up your Hero section options.

EFT for OCD Using Gentle Behavior Therapy

Now just set up your Hero section options.

EFT for Weight Loss - No Excuses!

Lose the weight and keep it off

EFT for Travel – and Fearful Flyers

Fly Free! Fear of fear and worry. Enjoy the travel as much as the destination.