Obsessive Compulsive Disorders is the fourth most common mental illness. The intrusive unwanted horrific thoughts, the need for constant reassurance, the mental and behavioral compulsions checking, repeating, cleaning, washing self and home/office, constant fear of harm coming to self and/or others, sexual obsessions of of being a pedophile or being gay or straight, perfectionism and the list goes on. The gold standard of OCD treatment is exposure and response prevention, ERP, with medication. They work. Millions of sufferers have found relief with ERP and medication. However, it takes courage and commitment to go through this process.

What if there was an easier and more thorough therapy to not override the fear but have memory re-consolidation. In other words, the fear is removed. The patient does not need as much medication and the fear is removed from the perceived threat. Habituation is not needed. This is what clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques does. It removes the fear without doing habituation.

The big question is where is the data?

Thank you for asking, Joan Kaylor MSEd LPC DCEP and Dr. Peta Stapleton, PhD clinical psychologist with Bond University in Australia are conducting a clinical trail to gather data. It is a 10 week program beginning July 26, 2023.

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Joan Kaylor has 29 years experience in the treatment of OCD having attended the first BTI at the IOCD Foundation in 1996. Pita Stapleton is a world-renowned researcher and clinical psychologist.