Listen as other experts in the field explain the benefits and science behind Tapping.  Emotional Freedom Techniques clears the emotional energy of a negative emotion.  When you are angry or scared or in shock your body goes into a melt down.  Emotions are “energies in motion.” Negative emotions and shock are exhausting. The human energy system is composed of electrical pathways inside the body known as meridians. There are the same pathways used in acupuncture. EFT or tapping is from this system however, EFT does not use needles. Chakras, major energy centers outside the body, and the biofield, or aura, are the three systems that make up energy psychology. Emotional Freedom Techniques  accesses your electrical system to release these negative emotions.  

What Can Emotional Freedom Techniques Do for Me?

Whether you pull your hair, pick your skin, have panic attacks, suffer from OCD, have trauma or suffer from a loss I am here to help you through the event that created your pain.  I have helped thousands of people around the world since 1994. I am certified in cognitive behavior therapy, energy therapies and Emotional Freedom Techniques. 

I teach you EFT specific to your needs. I create set up phrases for you to practice at home.  The more effort you put into practicing the faster you get results.

Emotional Freedom Techniques is NOT a magic bullet.  It is NOT covered by insurance. If you live in Pennsylvania and are in need of counseling, please visit my counseling page.

The more you practice EFT the better the results.

How Tapping Is Helping People

Emotional Freedom Techniques - Specific Tapping

Get Help, Get Started Today.

 Once you complete and return my consultation agreement we can schedule a time to meet. We meet through Zoom which is HIPAA compliant in the US. Each session is recorded and sent to you to download on your computer. This way you can do tapping in between our meetings.

The first session we meet to discuss your needs and set goals. I do not take you through tapping on the first meeting. 

My consultations packages are as follows:

$200.00 ala carte AFTER completing a package of 3 or 6 sessions.

$500.00 for 3 sessions. Savings of $100.00 over 3 single sessions.

$1000.00 for 6 sessions. Savings of $200.00 over 6 single sessions.

Contact me at Joan@joankaylor.com to learn if distance healing is right for you. You deserve to get unstuck and feel GREAT!

“I would be thrilled to create a program for your agency or company.  It is my passion to have you succeed and bring relief to your patients and clients with EFT. I can travel to you or teach online.”

Contact Joan for her fee schedule based on number of participants and travel or online seminars.

 Joan@JoanKaylor.com  or call 724-413-0964