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Mastering the Art & Science of Emotional Freedom Techniques

Interventions for Crisis and Trauma:     Emotional Freedom Techniques is an evidenced based tool that combines cognitive behavior therapy with acupressure to eliminate the root of the problem, not treat the symptoms. This course constitutes 6 contact hours available for social workers, marriage and family therapists, nurses and professional counselors.  

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International Speaking Engagement at the Freedom Global Summit in the Philippines

I recently traveled to Manila to speak at the Freedom Global Summit Asia.    It was a life changing event and extremely moving.    Here is what the organizer, Ricky Shetty, had to say about his feedback from the event. 

"Man, she blew away all of the audience...I kept getting rave reviews how she emotionally impacted the hearts, minds, souls and spirits of the delegates....Bring back Joan, she was amazing!"
Ricky Shetty
Freedom Summit Asia

Virtual Consulting

Work One on one with Joan

”Joan is an amazing speaker. She is very knowledgeable, offers many different perspectives and provides practical yet functional treatment approaches to the individual. I would recommended Joan unequivocally for consultation and company training.”
Braden Ambrose, M.S., LPC
Outpatient Mental Health Therapist

My Udemy Online Courses

I love teaching. Here are my courses in Udemy. I have included DEEP discount coupons. You cannot imagine how your life will change using Emotional Freedom Techniques, Chakra Balancing and Applied Kinesiology.

Chakra Healing & Clearing for Better Energy, Thinking & Joy

Stop Being Lonely. Find the Love of Your Life

Applied Kinesiology for Love, Joy, and Wealth

EFT for Business Entrepreneurs

EFT for Weight Loss

Power EFT

Essential Oils for Weight Loss, Health, and Vitality

Manifest Your Dream with EFT

EFT for Stock Options Trading Success

Healing Relationships with EFT

End Your Fear of Public Speaking

EFT and Tapping for Trauma Relief

PTSD, Trauma Relief

EFT Weight Loss - Tapping into Exercise

Emotional Eating, Weight Loss, Tapping

EFT Weight Loss Emotional Eating Issues - No Diet

Weight loss , no excuses

Weight loss: No Diet, No Excuses

EFT for Negotiations

Remove Your Money Blocks with EFT

EFT for OCD Using Gentle Behavior Therapy

EFT for Golf - Master the Mental Game.

EFT for Parents of Children Who Pull Hair and Pick Skin

EFT for Hair Pulling and Skin Picking